Space as a Service


Almenr creates shared housing by radically rethinking how we meet, dream, design, finance, build, and live. If you dream about living in a co-living space, Almenr can help you find like-minded people and bring you from dream to reality. And if you are a property owner, Almenr can help find and organise the right group …

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What if buildings could simply ‘pop-up’​ where you needed them to? What if a city was never more than a month away from solving a housing crisis?  What if a vacant lot could be turned into a designer hotel overnight? What if you could suddenly find yourself living where no one had ever lived before?  …

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The App that reconnects with your guests. Seamlessly, as we integrate with avery PMS on Earth. AeroGuest is a full service, mobile platform for digital guest experience before, during and after guest hotel stay. The hotel app of the future benefits guests, hotels, service providers and IoT vendors. AeroGuest’s mission is to help hoteliers become …

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UbiqiSense ApS

The UbiqiSense smart sensors solution provides you with rich and actionable insights on behavioral patterns and space utilization. We help to make sure you realize the untapped potential of your employees and spaces. UbiqiSense smart vision-based IoT-sensors are installed inside buildings to detect people and objects. High granularity and precision unmatched by any other solution …

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LifeX is your landing pad for a co-living home in the heart of Copenhagen, Berlin, London, Vienna, Munich, and Paris. LifeX helps you get settled in a city with a flexible housing subscription in a community of like-minded professionals. LifeX focuses on strengthening our community through activities and events where everyone can participate.


WelcomeBob is building smart locks for multi-storage buildings and shared offices. WelcomeBob wants to make it easier and more flexible to give and share access to buildings. From the street door, you scroll through a list of residents, tapping the name of the person you are visiting and they receive a video call on their …

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Running an office can be a hassle. You’re juggling a ton of services, providers, contracts, all while making everyone in the office feel at home and loved. That’s why Good Monday was built – A platform to give office administrators and managers control of their office. Good Monday is the leading Workspace Management platform in …

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Anyware’s unique end-to-end Digital Services and Data Analytics platform enable these companies to provide data-driven, meaningful customer engagement and create new revenue streams by turning the customer’s data into insights and personalized digital services. The digital services platform enable the Anyware partner to cater for a variety of segments as well as changing needs in …

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Danalock is a leader in smart, secure access control solutions for residential and business. With more than a decade of experience in the smart lock industry, Danalock now provides a full family of elegantly designed and secure smart lock products compatible with any standard door throughout the world and supports an unrivaled array of home …

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Med nye og innovative produkter og skræddersyede abonnements-løsninger vil iHomes NORDIC revolutionere måden vi plejer og vedligeholder vores hjem. Hjemmet er basen for alt det, som vi finder vigtigt i livet. Derfor er løbende vedligehold og reparationer essentielt for at få hverdagen til at fungere. iHomes NORDIC tilbyder innovative løsninger, og muligheden for at være …

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Spotly is a proptech platform and bureau for short-term showrooms Connecting spots with people Spotly is a new proptech platform for short-term showroom spaces. Spotly connects showroom spots down to 1m2 with people who will love them. Share your spot or rent one. Spotly believes even the tiniest space can be of value to others. …

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Hos OfficeHub får du hjælp fra et hold, der har arbejdet i mange kontorer og kontorfællesskaber. Vi har endda drevet vores eget kontorfællesskab. Brug for rammer til at vokse i? Flexpladser til dine praktikanter eller deltidsansatte? På udkig efter sparring og netværk? Find dit match hos os.