Month: July 2020


Almenr creates shared housing by radically rethinking how we meet, dream, design, finance, build, and live. If you dream about living in a co-living space, Almenr can help you find like-minded people and bring you from dream to reality. And if you are a property owner, Almenr can help find and organise the right group …

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What if buildings could simply ‘pop-up’​ where you needed them to? What if a city was never more than a month away from solving a housing crisis?  What if a vacant lot could be turned into a designer hotel overnight? What if you could suddenly find yourself living where no one had ever lived before?  …

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The App that reconnects with your guests. Seamlessly, as we integrate with avery PMS on Earth. AeroGuest is a full service, mobile platform for digital guest experience before, during and after guest hotel stay. The hotel app of the future benefits guests, hotels, service providers and IoT vendors. AeroGuest’s mission is to help hoteliers become …

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2Move er Danmarks eneste uafhængige rådgiver for både store og små virksomheder, der skal finde nye lokaler eller genforhandle kontrakten for et eksisterende lejemål. 2Move repræsenterer altid kun lejeren i processen – eller som man siger på engelsk “tenant rep only”. 2Move har et stort netværk i både det officielle og uofficielle marked for erhvervslokaler, …

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UbiqiSense ApS

The UbiqiSense smart sensors solution provides you with rich and actionable insights on behavioral patterns and space utilization. We help to make sure you realize the untapped potential of your employees and spaces. UbiqiSense smart vision-based IoT-sensors are installed inside buildings to detect people and objects. High granularity and precision unmatched by any other solution …

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LifeX is your landing pad for a co-living home in the heart of Copenhagen, Berlin, London, Vienna, Munich, and Paris. LifeX helps you get settled in a city with a flexible housing subscription in a community of like-minded professionals. LifeX focuses on strengthening our community through activities and events where everyone can participate.


WelcomeBob is building smart locks for multi-storage buildings and shared offices. WelcomeBob wants to make it easier and more flexible to give and share access to buildings. From the street door, you scroll through a list of residents, tapping the name of the person you are visiting and they receive a video call on their …

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Running an office can be a hassle. You’re juggling a ton of services, providers, contracts, all while making everyone in the office feel at home and loved. That’s why Good Monday was built – A platform to give office administrators and managers control of their office. Good Monday is the leading Workspace Management platform in …

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Anyware’s unique end-to-end Digital Services and Data Analytics platform enable these companies to provide data-driven, meaningful customer engagement and create new revenue streams by turning the customer’s data into insights and personalized digital services. The digital services platform enable the Anyware partner to cater for a variety of segments as well as changing needs in …

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Danalock is a leader in smart, secure access control solutions for residential and business. With more than a decade of experience in the smart lock industry, Danalock now provides a full family of elegantly designed and secure smart lock products compatible with any standard door throughout the world and supports an unrivaled array of home …

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Med nye og innovative produkter og skræddersyede abonnements-løsninger vil iHomes NORDIC revolutionere måden vi plejer og vedligeholder vores hjem. Hjemmet er basen for alt det, som vi finder vigtigt i livet. Derfor er løbende vedligehold og reparationer essentielt for at få hverdagen til at fungere. iHomes NORDIC tilbyder innovative løsninger, og muligheden for at være …

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Spotly is a proptech platform and bureau for short-term showrooms Connecting spots with people Spotly is a new proptech platform for short-term showroom spaces. Spotly connects showroom spots down to 1m2 with people who will love them. Share your spot or rent one. Spotly believes even the tiniest space can be of value to others. …

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Hos OfficeHub får du hjælp fra et hold, der har arbejdet i mange kontorer og kontorfællesskaber. Vi har endda drevet vores eget kontorfællesskab. Brug for rammer til at vokse i? Flexpladser til dine praktikanter eller deltidsansatte? På udkig efter sparring og netværk? Find dit match hos os.


Plot is a new platform that connects people who need parking, with people who want to share their parkinglot. Plot brings the parking sector into the digital age. Plot optimize and improve the use of your parking spaces, so you can earn more than the case is now. Plot are a parking community that creates …

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Bekey er Danmarks ledende leverandør af sikre, digitale adgangsløsninger, der gør hver dag smartere for både professionelle og private. Ved at digitalisere den fysiske nøgle hjælper Bekey blandt andet serviceleverandører og den kommunale hjemmepleje, som dagligt har brug for autoriseret adgang til opgange og boliger. Bekey er installeret i hver anden låste opgang i Storkøbenhavn …

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Min Landsby er en ”start-up” virksomhed der arbejder for, at re-designe opfattelsen af landsbyerne, fortælle deres historier og markedsføre deres værdier. Min Landsby vision er at lave produkter som samler landsbyens liv og aktiviteter. Et redskab for lokale og turister, så det er muligt hurtigt og nemt, at navigere i landsbyens aktiviteter. I landsbyen skal man …



WASTECONTROL is a Danish manufacturing and development IoT – Internet of Things – company, operating with Smart City solutions and with a prime focus on waste management. WASTECONTROL has developed a fully automatic container sensor system. This system now ensures its users substantial economical savings, large environmental benefits, heavy traffic reductions together with control and …

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WasteHero is a leading end-to-end smart waste collection solution provider. WasteHero devices monitor activity, including bin fullness, temperature and fill rates, to identify waste generation patterns. Data from bins are collected on the company’s web-based platform, which produces real-time analysis for city officials to visualize the fullness of every trash bin simultaneously and deploy haulers …

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DinGeo is a portal for danish geodata relevant for the general public, and most importantly, homeowners and buyers. DinGeo allows users to quickly fetch geodata that is tied to all danish addresses, for example, risk of radon and flooding; soil pollution; quality of nearby schools as well as a long list of social and economic …

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ParkMan is a digital parking platform created to make the process of parking as easy as possible for both the provider and the user side. Our vision is to be the Nr. 1 place where drivers and parking providers can find each other and interact without the obstacles of hardware.


Nordsense has created a complete end to end solution that optimizes waste collection processes by monitoring container levels, applying advanced data analytics and delivering a dynamic and event driven turn-by-turn navigation for waste collection. For the first time, Nordsense makes it easy and cost effective to deploy a smart waste solution at a large scale, …

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Leapcraft empowers sustainable cities with pervasive environmental intelligence – as a service (air quality/noise/traffic). Leapcraft address smart city & building applications via easy to deploy, robust sensors and simulation models via cloud computing. Leapcraft supply data and insights to enable stakeholders to create actions for cleaner cities, enable transparency and create data driven risk management.


In Suncil, we believe climate change is the key global challenge of our times, therefore we need real, affordable, resilient, clean energy solutions for every part of planet. Our vision is to harvest new energy sources to make power throughout a lifetime, building an intelligent infrastructure that works with and not against the natural world. …

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Sensative is a rapidly-growing innovative tech company offering IoT solutions. Founded in 2013 in Lund, Sweden. Sensative has quickly become a leading supplier of innovative solutions for the digitalization of the physical world. With an open IoT integration platform and non-intrusive, no-maintenance sensors, we provide users, services, and digital twins with live data and control.


ParkPark har skabt Danmarks billigste parkeringsapp. En mobilapp, som har fodfæste i en brugervenlig platform, en simpel & smart løsning, der samtidig gør det billigere for bilister, at betale for parkering via ParkPark appen. Idéen og tankerne bag ParkPark er baseret på abonnementløsninger, hvor et tæt samarbejde med offentlige- og private parkeringsudbydere har skabt et …

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Sense Analytics

Forsyningsselskaber har store mængder data til rådighed, som ofte ikke udnyttes optimalt. Sense Analytics samler interne og eksterne datasæt, analyserer ved hjælp af adaptiv machine learning og visualiserer resultaterne let-fortolkeligt. På den måde tilbyder Sense Analytics et styringsværktøj, som støtter hurtigere og bedre beslutningstagen i hverdagen.


A barrier to further increase the growth of smart factories and cities is the availability of data from existing infrastructure. Buildings, as well as industrial equipment, generally lack IoT compatibility. UpSmarting provide technology to overcome this barrier and will enable data streams from your assets. The stream of data is established without modifications to hardware …

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At LinkAiders, we are driven by a simple aim: to optimise disaster communication. To deliver on this, we have developed the Reachi system —a communications and information management system specifically designed for rapid need assessment and relief coordination in the aftermath of a disaster. The Reachi system consists of low-cost, resilient and wearable devices. Together, …

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Hococo er en digital kommunikationsplatform, der skaber gennemsigtighed, forbedrer kommunikation og optimere processtyringen mellem bygherre og køber i forbindelse med projektsalg af boliger. Hococo består af en applikation, der fungerer på desktop, iOS og Android.


MinEjendom er en helt ny digital måde at drive andels- og ejerboligforening på. Vi gør op med skiftende bestyrelser, mapper der er blevet væk, dårlig kommunikation og dårligt håndværk. Kort sagt, alt det som ødelægger det gode humør i jeres forening. Med vores digitale vedligeholdelsesplan bliver det let at renovere og vedligeholde jeres ejendom til …

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iForening Aps

Stifterne af er dedikerede ejendomsfolk med mere end 20 års praktisk erfaring, indenfor ejendomsadministration, ejendomshandel og finansiering samt it-udvikling. Vi har startet, fordi vi mener der er et udtalt behov for modernisering af måden man driver ejendomsadministration på. Vi er ambitiøse og vi vil løfte service og rådgivning til et nyt niveau. Vores …

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Rently er et GDPR godkendt effektiviseringsværktøj for udlejere på boligmarkedet, der har til formål at digitalisere og automatisere udlejernes arbejdsprocesser, hertil at skabe tryghed i forbindelse med at vælge lejer. Med Rently kan du få dybdegående dataindsigt i dine ansøgere, opbygge og udsende digitale lejekontrakter til digital underskrift og opbevare tidligere såvel som nye lejekontrakter …

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Prosedo is a Danish based company delivering digital communication services to more than 2.500 properties. Our advanced cloud-based ProBo platform, connects all stakeholders of a property in one place and provides multiple services to save resources and add value for administrators, property board members and tenants. We have been awarded for our high growth rates …

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Flexya A/S

Med Flexya får du markedets eneste mæglersystem, som samler alle funktioner i en helt enkel, cloudbaseret løsning. Så behøver du kun ét system til behandling af boligsager, og det virker på alle platforme, fra Mac og PC til tablets og smartphones.

North Q

NorthQ is a leading-edge Danish technology company manufacturing and providing service of Energy Management devices. As a result of extensive experience in the market, we pioneer in retrofit meter reading solutions within the industrial and domestic sectors, enabling our clients to improve building operations, reduce costs and achieve sustainable goals. Powered by innovation and effectiveness, …

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Proper er for alle som udlejer lejemål – – uanset om du har en enkelt eller 100+ lejemål. Du kan styre alt selv gennem vores platform eller lade Proper håndtere det hele. Proper blev bygget på indsigten om at udlejning er besværligt. Vi har udviklet en intelligent platform, som automatisk udfører de operationelle opgaver forbundet …

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Wise Home

Wise Home gør det nemt at lave forbrugsafregning for dine lejere. Uanset om du er udlejer, administrator, boligforening eller ejerforening. Vi installerer kvalitetsmålere, fjernaflæser dem flere gange i timen og synkroniserer stamdata om dine lejemål fra dine eksisterende systemer. Når regnskabsåret er slut kan du få lavet forbrugsregnskaber ved et tryk på en knap. Nemt, hurtigt


Assetti® is a Finnish PropTech company offering a software for real estate professionals. With Assetti you can develop your portfolio strategy, control your property financials and secure your rent roll – all with one application.


Toitware is founded by industry veterans eager to modernize software development for the internet of things. Toitware cares about performance, robustness, and developer ergonomics and they believe it is time to significantly improve the way software for small network-connected devices is developed, deployed, and maintained.


Eupry supports further development of a host of industries including Laboratory, Pharmacy, Healthcare, Pharma, Food, and more by providing efficient solutions to monitor temperature-sensitive assets. Traditional approaches in terms of temperature monitoring are demanding and require many resources that prevent companies from re-investing their funds into achieving higher results. At Eupry, they take this responsibility …

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Creating the world’s first smart energy savings program for office buildings. DEXTRA.IO brings modern functionality into existing office buildings, allowing them to take the full advantage of savings made possible by the use of IoT devices. DEXTRA.IO connects the employees and users with the office heating and lighting systems, allowing the system to utilize a …

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Esoft is one of the world’s leading real estate tech companies specializing in property presentations, image processing, 3D visualization, and online marketing of properties worldwide. In 2016, Esoft released Esoft Shine which is an intelligent online marketing tool based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. With Esoft Shine real estate agents will easily improve the …

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Humio is a time-series logging and aggregation platform for unrestricted, comprehensive event analysis, On-Premises or in the Cloud. With 1TB/day of raw log ingest/node, in-memory stream processing, and live, shareable dashboards and alerts, you can instantly and in real-time explore, monitor, and visualize any system’s data.

Studio DNA

Med Studio DNA’s app, optimerer de den daglige drift af dine bygninger, så du kan bruge din tid bedst muligt! Husets DNA henvender sig til alle, som ejer eller lejer bygninger, bygherrer, boligforeninger, pedeller, administratorer, håndværkere eller plejepersonale – ja, kort sagt: Dig som i det daglige har ansvar for en eller flere bygninger. Med …

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Sharebox A/S

A Norwegian growth company providing seamless access management for a variety of applications from short-term rentals like Airbnb and Booking, to enterprise-level solutions for car rental, car workshops, property management, small hotels, facilities, and logistics companies. With Sharebox you can: Automate customer self-service functions Launch new services faster with fewer costs Improve loyalty from recurring …

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LegalHero (tidligere Glitnr) er det digitale alternativ til advokatbranchen. LegalHero juridiske rådgivningsplatform ændrer leveringsmodellen for juridisk rådgivning. LegalHero mener nemlig, at kompetent juridisk rådgivning kan leveres bedre og mere effektivt ved brug af teknologi.


The most valuable relationships are built on Stinto Gather, cleanse, share, manage, engage, and stay in touch with your most valuable business and personal contacts on Stinto. Stinto is not just a digital business card it is a self-updatable contact list that is easily integrated with any opensource CRM system. With Stinto you can set …

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DIGURA er lejers nye digitale ven. Gennem digitalisering, effektive sagsprocesser og høj kvalitet fører de sager for lejere, som har problemer med deres udlejere. DIGURA har udarbejdet en kompleks platform, som sammenholder retspraksis fra 4500 domme og afgørelser med lejers sagsforløb ud fra mere end 200 prædefinerede sager.


SecureDeviceGrid provides you with an efficient framework for connecting your device to a smartphone. It enables you to register the local device and any smartphone to a central SecureDeviceGrid service and hereafter pair your device and smartphone. SecureDeviceGrid enables you to use any protocol using secure and fault­-tolerant peer­-to­-peer connection between your device and the …

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CLA Reply

Clareply is the solution which automates these processes and ensures compliance by design. Clareply provides a time-saving, end-to-end encrypted and intuitive system, which automates the timely onboarding of a client under the AML-regulations. It provides compliance by design and is built to integrate with your existing systems.


Exigo A/S is a leading engineering company founded in 2010. We assist contractors, clients and advisers in project- and risk management regarding complicated building projects. We are specialists in BIM and IT-technology in construction. Based on 3D-, 4D- and 5D-models we help securing that: – The projected material is constructible – The schedules are risk …

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Spine is a Building Information Management platform designed for the construction industry to ensure standardized communication. By implementing international and national standards for classification and property data, Spine secures the quality and consistency of data within building projects. In Spine you can classify using eg. CCS, CoClass, BIM7aa. You can import the 3D models from …

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Udgangspunktet for en arkitekturmodel eller præsentationsmodel kan være alt fra en stregtegning på et stykke papir til detaljeret 2D tegning eller 3D rendering. Modelhuset arbejder i dag med tegnestuer, arkitekter og konstruktører i både Danmark og Norge. De kan hjælpe arkitekter med arkitekturmodeller til konkurrencer eller som arbejdsmodel for tegnestuen. Ejendomsmæglere, boligselskaber og investeringsfonde benytter …

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Dalux works to shift the limits of how technology can ensure smarter and more sustainable work processes in the construction industry. In Dalux works to shift the limits of how technology can ensure smarter and more sustainable work processes in the construction industry. In close cooperation with our users, we continuously optimize existing technology and …

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Odico Robotics

Odico Construction Robotics is a European pioneer in architectural robotics and has developed a number of transformative technologies for the construction industry. Using our proprietary solutions, we manufacture formwork for the construction and wind turbine industries. Our solutions enable an extended capacity to produce complex, architectural geometries that would otherwise be costly to realize, quickly and cost-effectively.


Sensohive provide state-of-the-art sensors to a wide variety of industries and customers. The Orbit series is equipped with some of the best temperature and humidity sensors on the market, providing accurate measurements, high reliability, and long-term stability.


Adoor er et digitalt mødested for boligejere og boligkøbere. Her bliver din bolig vist frem for alle, der søger et ny hjem. Og er du selv på udkig, kan du vælge mellem alle boliger i det område, du gerne vil bo i.


TrueMarketValue offers an effective negotiation process for selling commercial real estate, combining traditional negotiations with digital auction capabilities. We help clients reach and document the optimal and true value – thanks to a transparent, fair, and efficient process.


Brikk er grundlagt med ambitionen om at give boligsælgere en langt bedre service og mere gennemsigtighed til en mere fair pris. Dette gør vi ved at udnytte de muligheder som online og teknologi giver til at gøre mange ting langt lettere for både boligsælgere og købere.


Fairhomes is built on the purpose of making it substantially easier, more convenient and transparent to live in your dream home. Selling your home is complicated, time-consuming and very stressful. Most families find this as one of the most stressful events in their lives and it comes along with a lot of uncertainty in regards …

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Propstep udlejer boliger for bygherrer, developere og pensionskasser med fokus på lejernes oplevelse og convenience. Vi har udviklet en platform, som håndterer hele udlejningsprocessen og giver lejeren en digital oplevelse. Samtidig giver vi udlejeren transparens, et digitalt overblik og moderne værktøjer.


Estaldo er Danmarks Digitale Ejendomsmægler. Vores ejendomsmægler klarer alt papirarbejdet, du klarer selv fremvisningerne. Det synes vi er meget smartere end den traditionelle ejendoms­mægler og langt mere sikkert end selvsalg.


Waitly har specialiseret sig i digitale ventelister, der bruges direkte af administrationshuse, andelsboligforeninger eller private til håndtering af deres lejemål. Ventelister er en niche funktion, som for mange i dag drives af manuelle processer og excel ark. Waitly fokuser på deres software, der automatisere processen og gør det hele mere transparent for både administrator, sælger og …

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Kameo ApS

Alle burde have mulighed for at investere i den værdiskabelse, som sker på ejendoms- og virksomhedsmarkedet. Til et højt forventet afkast. Vi har derfor skabt en platform som gør det muligt – en platform for lånebaseret crowdfunding. Idéen om lånebaseret crowdfunding stammer oprindeligt fra Storbritannien og kan forklares som den finansielle gren af deleøkonomien.

Brick Share

Med Brickshare bliver du ejendomsinvestor uden al bøvlet med køb af ejendom, udlejning og administration. De har et team af professionelle, der står klar til at tage sig af alt det praktiske for dig. Det betyder, at du i løbet af få minutter kan komme i gang med din ejendomsinvestering.

Deeds Capital

Deeds er en ny måde at lånefinansiere din bolig på. Deeds giver dig mere likviditet i din hverdag ved at udbetale 10% af din boligs værdi til dig. Du får pengene skattefrit i hånden med det samme, og betaler ingenting før du sælger din bolig.


INTELLIGENT OVERVÅGNING AF REALKREDITLÅN Låneovervågning der giver enkelt og intuitivt overblik, så snart en brugers boliglån bør omlægges. Optiilo bygger på præcise beregninger, dynamiske algoritmer og intelligente låneforslag.